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Lighting for Corporate and Special Events

If you have ever been to a large corporate promotion or event you may have seen the power of how lighting can transform an event. Strobes, spotlights, special effects - they all come together for a night of wonder and excitement. Utilizing all the different types of lighting applications really is the best way to transform a meeting or gala into an exciting, elegant environment. The best lighting designers will take the clients dream and create an elaborate system using a large assortment of highly technical lighting fixtures. So, what are lighting steps you need to take to ensure a successful Corporate or Special event?

Some points to consider: What type of function is it? A general session, awards dinner, gala or wedding? What is the facility? A convention center, hotel ballroom, church, temple, tent? How many guests are attending? Will they be eating, and is it sit-down or buffet? What size are the tables? What are the room dimensions, and are there chandeliers that alter the ceiling height? Is there a theme, and what are the colors being used? Will there be dancing? How long is the event? These are all important questions to ask and get answered before you can effectively plan the lighting set up.

In addition, you will want to consider some of the other important event questions: Will there be entertainment or a keynote speaker? What are their lighting requirements? Some of these speakers or entertainers may have requirements (called a rider) of their own before your wants or needs are considered. What is the size of the stage? Will guest speakers do their thing on stage with a podium or on the dance floor? Who are the venue’s audio visual services, do they have an in house provider or must your bring in your own? Are there rigging points for your lighting , and do we have to use venue appointed riggers? If the facility does not have sufficient power, can we bring a generator in? Once we have gathered all the facts, it's time to develop a room layout.

Of course, you will want to figure out how to light the entire room first, so that guests can see each other during cocktail hour or during times when dancers have taken a break or the speaking has stopped. The room should not be too dark, but it should not be lit 100% by house lighting either.

Lekos, par cans, and pin spots are used to light centerpieces, floral arrangements, and buffets. Ready for another good idea? Try using a wash of one color on the walls with another color on the ceilings for an added effect. For a bonus, use some themed shaped or Sponsor inspired gobos to create a personalized "wow" factor that your guest will not soon forget.

Considering these steps when planning decor for your next event will ensure successful lighting for any Corporate or special event!

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